Yafari Review and Marketing Secrets

Yafari is a brand new MLM direct sales company. Although the company is brand new the owners have over 30 years of experience in the health and wellness industry and direct marketing methods. Yafari is located at 3815 Highknob Cr. Naperville, Illinois. and offers a new healthy kinetic energy shot with a unique money making opportunity attached to it.

The Product

The Herbal energy shot offers No Sugars, No Calories, No Jitters, and No Crash. They use a proprietary blend of select ingredients that has been known to…

Help promote your mood
Enhance fat burning
improve concentration
promote energy
Some of the key ingredients include Niacin, Vitamin B6 and B12, Rhodiola Crenulata, L-Arginine, L-Theanine, Caralluma Fimbriata, and Damiana Leaf.

The Business Opportunity

Yafari offers 5 ways to earn money with their product…

Retail profits
Fast start bonus
Team Bonus
Car Bonus
Leadership Bonus
To qualify for all 5 earnings methods you must grow your business, their is currently 6 different levels to promote through starting out with basic Distributor. After meeting certain criteria you advance to the following: Gold Distributor, National Marketing Director, 1 Star NMD, 2 Star NMD, and 3 Star NMD. You must promote to 1 Star NMD minimum before you are eligible for the car bonus and leadership bonus.

The Distributor fee and personal website Costs $29.00 with a $29.00 monthly auto ship fee. You can also join with a basic fast start pack for $94.00 or an Executive fast start pack for $235.56.


The Yafari energy shot opportunity has great potential: however, It is a brand new company so only time will tell its longevity. that being said if you are looking for a low priced, healthy energy business, you are at the ground floor. If you have noticed the demand for energy shots have grown, their quick and easy and you can take them on the go or before the big game.

The Problem

The biggest problem with this company as well as any direct sales company is marketing. Yafari offers you a company replicated website which is great for ordering your product but not so good for building your team. Network marketers usually face 2 major problems when trying to build their business.

Lack Of Leads
Lack Of Money
If you want to build a successful Yafari business you must overcome those two major problems and learn how to market your business properly. You need to throw out every thing you were taught by your upline and learn how to market like the top producers. Below are a few top producer tips and secrets you can use to explode your business.

STOP Marketing your Company replicated website RIGHT NOW!!
Learn how to brand yourself as a leader, Market yourself, not your company
Learn how to build an online list and generate FREE leads
Learn to Monetize your list and earn commissions even when people don’t join your primary opportunity
Learn how to market through web 2.0 and proper social marketing techniques
Learn proper Video marketing techniques
Plug in to free live weekly webinars
Personal Development
Create a Marketing plan around your time and budget
Learn PPC marketing strategies to keep your cost per click down
Learn Article Marketing
Network Marketing has changed forever, it doesn’t matter if your promoting Yafari or another opportunity, the days of chasing people around shopping malls, Dragging friends and family to Hotel meetings, buying leads, handing out flyer’s etc. has ended forever. The fact is you know, what you are doing right now to build your MLM business simply doesn’t work. You know their is a better and smarter way, and their is. I struggled for over 6 years doing everything my upline told me to, I could never make more than a couple hundred dollars a month, and finally I was lucky enough to have someone show me the way. I would like to do the same for you. I wish you the best of luck in building a successful business with Yafari.

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