What Network Marketing and America Going in the Wrong Direction Have in Common

According to the latest polls 81% of Americans believe our country is headed in the wrong direction. The high percentage set a record of the polls that started back in the early 1990′s with the New York Times/CBS News polls. Some of my thoughts on why so many believe our country is on the wrong track.

Many Americans that were not affected in the early part of the war with Iraq have now lost jobs, businesses and homes. 78% of the respondents to the polls believe our country is worse off than 5 years ago with only 4% believing it is better off than 5 years ago. The 4% in my opinion have misguided notions of where the country is headed. With talk of recession and the possibility of another depression in our great country it is obvious we are not headed in the right direction.

Many people in America have turned to working from home. The truth is that there is a 95% failure rate in that market. The reasons why are as obvious as why the country is headed in the wrong direction; leadership and being given the wrong information.

Drawing a comparison between the track America is on and network marketing may not be as strange as you think. Working from home can be an enjoyable experience when one has the proper tools. When our country is on the right track; people flock to America to live the American dream.

Working from home gives me the opportunity to talk with many people daily. I hear time and again they are looking for an opportunity but can not afford to join a company as they are on the verge of losing all they have. They have become mistrustful of anyone with a solution to their problem, with good cause I might add.

For too long the top 5% of network marketers have had their way. They have owned the industry, become rich off of those that love the concept but have no idea of how to successfully build their business. With this elite few withholding crucial information to your success it is no wonder network marketing has been getting such a bad rap.

Network marketing is a great source of free enterprise. Where else can you own your own business for under $100. If you have ever looked into buying a franchise from McDonald’s or another fast food chain you know it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most of the top 5% in network marketing do not give up their secrets to success. This has never made sense to me as the success of the team could make them and their team millions of dollars. The simple truth is when you and others like you have had enough and decide to leave their team, they have already made plenty of money from you and have ten more to fill the slot you leave vacant, it becomes a revolving door, some go in, others go out, next…

Having a great desire for my success, I was not going to be held back and was determined to find my way. I quit listening to the lies I was being told; buy more leads, get your warm market involved, talk to everyone you meet, it goes on and on.

The truth is those advising you to buy leads are most likely getting a kick back from the lead vendors. Your friends and family probably aren’t speaking to you anymore after you have led them through a dozen or so companies. Walking up to total strangers about a business opportunity is crazy as they will most likely look at you as if you have lost your mind. When you think of it, most jobs require an interview to make sure there is a good fit. We don’t want just any Tom, Dick or Harry on our team, we choose to pick those that fit our value system, those that are like minded.

I am putting together a team of people just like you and me, that are committed to your success as well as their own. No lies here, we choose to make money from home. The difference is we want you to make money also. We do not claim to be experts, nor do we want to charge you thousands of dollars to build your business.

When the movie The Secret came out it reached publicity heights that astounded me. What bothered me about this movie is the same thing that bothers me about being lied to by the network marketing gurus. They left out the fact that you must take action to achieve what you desire. It is not coming to you by sheer desire. Why was that fact left out? Look on the internet, now they are making millions teaching those willing to spend the money that you must take action. Chances are there will be something major left out once again so that next year they can charge to teach you that. Most of what you pay for can be found for free on the internet for those willing to do the research.

Your choices are these; spend up to $15k to go to a week long seminar or do the research yourself. It takes many hours a day finding the facts. There is another choice. You could attend our free weekly webinars which will begin by the first of July. We have done the research so you don’t have to. Come with your questions, we welcome them. We will be doing radio shows on Blog Talk Radio also covering the same subjects. For those wanting to take advantage of our offer leave a comment with your information so we may contact you.

If you are tired of being lied to, take action now to make the changes needed. Like a pot of soup, with the right ingredients, or in this case, the proper tools, you will accomplish your goal.

Cheryl C McNeil

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