What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing or Direct Sales has become a popular and effective business model. Companies like Dell Computers, Proacter and Gamble, Amazon.com, Colgate and Insurance Companies are using this proven method to distribute products and services.

Network Marketing is the movement of products or services from manufacturer direct to the consumers without selling through retail shops. They distribute though a network of representatives. They are usually known as Independent Distributors or Networkers. This movement consists of advertising through the power of word of mouth. It is a very effective and fast.

There are two types of Network Marketing Companies, Single-Level Marketing or Multi-Level Marketing. This is to differentiate the compensation plan that the companies use.

For Single-Level Marketing is basically earned the commission through your direct successful referral. But for Multi-Level Marketing let you earn the commission through your direct successful referrals and if your direct representative refers someone, you are still able to overwrite the commission up to many levels down the lines.

I personally recommend any body who wants to involve in network marketing to choose Multi-Level Marketing model to have maximum leverage in your income.

Many people have already involved in network marketing already on a daily basis. For example, if there is a new movie screens in the cinema, and you watch it, you like it, you sure recommends your friends to watch. Because of your endorsement, your friend would want watch this movie.

Your involvement of spreading the word, result in increasing the sales for the cinema. See the power of network marketing? And by the way, did the cinema actually pays you any endorsement fee or even give you free tickets for you to watch? The answer is “No!”

The point I want to say is that network marketing is a powerful business model. Whether you involve in the business or not, you are still involved in network marketing. The different is whether you are getting paid or just helping the companies to advertise free.

Because of this business model exist in this world, many people have benefited from this opportunity to start up their business during their spare time while they are working in their full-time job. The start up cost is much lower than starting up a traditional business and low risk investment in your business.

Those who follow the proven system provided by their own companies to do their network marketing business at their own time, they are able to quit their full-time job and build their network marketing business as their career.

Because of network marketing business has helped many people to achieve what they want in life in term of personal development, health, family and financial, this business model is getting very popular. Network Marketing is one of the professional and prestige careers that many people would want to get into now.

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