Direct Mail Lists – Are They Relevant in the Digital Age?

Buying a mailing list for direct marketing is one of the best investments that you can make for your business. Although email marketing evangelists have long declared the “death of direct mail” the statistics prove otherwise.

Consider for example:

• Response rates for direct mail have held steady for the past four years.
• Nearly 60% of direct mail campaigns in the financial services industry produced a direct sale.
• 79% of B2B professionals rated direct mail as “very effective” to “somewhat effective.”
• The 18 to 24 year old demographic prefers to learn about marketing offers via postal mail, rather than online sources.

Clearly, mailing list marketing is far from dead and is continuing to thrive and prove valuable in the digital age. Purchasing a mailing list of potential buyers is one of the most effective ways to market your products or services. Using a direct mail list is a smart move for three key reasons:

1. Email inboxes are increasingly overcrowded.

Although there aren’t any specific statistics about the number of emails received each day by individual users, it’s estimated that 2.8 million emails are sent every second. That means that the average person is receiving dozens if not hundreds of email messages each day. Imagine the type of information overload that the average user experiences – and it’s easy to see why many people prefer to receive marketing messages through traditional mail.

2. Mailing lists can help you make a memorable impact.

Mailing campaigns allow you to place your message direct in your customers’ hands in a memorable and tangible way. Unlike with email, consumers handle the mail piece as it comes in and deals with it right then and right there. It doesn’t sit in an inbox for weeks, or get filtered into a spam folder. Your mail piece is opened, viewed and acted on. Even if your prospect doesn’t take action the first time, chances are they’ll remember your company and your offer when it comes back the second time around.

3. Quick Response codes make direct mail interactive and accessible.

Email marketing is often touted as having an edge over direct mail because of its interactivity. But the advent of Quick Response (QR) codes have made direct mailing lists interactive and connected them with the ever present smartphones. Using a QR code on a piece of direct mail allows the recipient to scan the code with their smartphone and access your company’s website for more information. This brings a level of interactivity and cross-platform connection that not even email can offer.

Mail lists work because they help your company stand out, make your offer memorable and connect your company with a recipient’s online experience. Poorly constructed mailing lists are more to blame for direct mail failures than the marketing form itself. Targeted, clean and reliable mailing lists can help your organization make a lasting, and profitable, impact with your target market.

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